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Wardrobe Staples, The Suede Jacket

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As we transition into the Spring (allegedly!) there’s a few key wardrobe pieces that I’ll be dusting off and bringing to the front for the months ahead.  One of these is the classic suede jacket, a piece of clothing that is very weather dependent but when the skies are clear and styled correctly, it ticks all the boxes.

The great thing about good suede jackets is that they can be worn with a variety of outfits, and work with the most casual or more formal looks. Focus on the cut and shape of your jacket, opting for closer fitting, more tailored styles for smarter finishes, and bolder, boxier shapes for casual looks.

A simple yet eye-catching combination can be created by wearing a suede jacket with a good pair of denim jeans.  Given a suede jacket is a fair investment, you should try to make your suede jacket the focal point of your look, and not combine it with pieces that are going to compete with it or take precedent.

Something as basic as a white T-shirt can be enough to create a clean, everyday look or classic roll neck if the weather is a little chilly.  Pieces like denim shirts and ripped jeans can help to bring some extra personality to your outfit if you want to go for something a bit more out there why not experiment with different textures underneath, a cable-knit or chunky sweater.

If you want to take your suede jacket to a smarter level, grab a pair of tailored trousers and an Oxford shirt for a layered and classic outfit that’s not overly dressed up.

*Top Tip – grab a decent suede spray and give your jacket a quick spritz, from distance, before every wear to keep it in good nick!

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What are you favourite ways to style up the suede jacket?