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Wardrobe Staples, Three Ways To Style The Classic White Button Down Shirt

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With sustainability a key global topic and ever-important within the fashion industry, I’ve been reviewing what I personally buy and looking for pieces that are versatile, ultra wearable and that are of a higher quality and are made to last.  We can all make a big difference by simply choosing fashion items that we will wear regularly, think less ‘trends’ and more ‘classic staples’ and you’re on the right track.

Following on from my post from last week centred around the leather brogue, the next in the series of wardrobe staples had to be the classic white ‘button down’ shirt, otherwise know as the Oxford shirt.  It’s arguably one of the most versatile pieces you can own, whether worn smart with a tie and blazer or styled up casually – a white button down shirt will never go out of fashion and if styled correctly, will always look good.

Here’s my favourite 3 ways to rock the white button down this Spring:

Casually Layered With A Mac:

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One of my favourite things about the classic white button down is it’s ability to be worn from day to night and casual to smart, with just a few small tweaks.  For a more casual look this Spring simply layer up with a rain mac or lightweight coat and maybe add a scarf in there for some added texture and optional warmth!

This look can easily be upgraded for a night out, swapping the mac for a blazer and even adding a textured tie should the occasion require.

*When to wear – For casual days in the office or a dressed-down Friday.

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Mac Coat

White Shirt



Leather Folio


Office Smart, Paired With A Roll Neck:

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The most adventurous of the ‘three ways to style’, I like to wear a shirt over a classic merino roll neck for a touch of class and a smarter vibe.  Navy and black work particularly well in terms of colour combinations, but for something a little more statement why not try a deep red or dark green?

This is a great combo if it’s a chilly morning but doesn’t quite warrant a coat, with the roll neck acting as a cracking base layer against the unpredictability of Spring.

*When to wear – For date night with that special someone.

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White Shirt

Roll Neck





Commuter Ready With A Gilet:

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Arguably the most practical way to rock the classic white shirt this season and with Spring downpours common place, a waterproof layer really comes in handy.  I’m a big fan of the freedom a gilet offers as opposed to a regular mac and you shouldn’t underestimate how well a gilet acts in regulating body temperature.

Come to think of it, a navy or dark coloured gilet is another wardrobe staple!

*When to wear – If the forecast is looking cagey and you’ve got a jam-packed day outside of the office.

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White Shirt




Which is your favourite look and how do you guys like to style the Oxford shirt?


*This post features gifted items from GANT*