Jul' 2017


Warm Weather Staples, The Classic White Trainer

Continuing on with the theme of ‘warm weather staples’ – pieces that every guy needs in his spring summer wardrobe, todays focus is the ultra comfortable and highly versatile white trainer.  White trainers have long been on trend 

By now you realise it’s not actually a trend at all, right?  White sneakers are so entrenched in almost all aspects of men’s fashion that they are part of the establishment. Ubiquitous. 

It’s a sartorial paradigm shift few could’ve predicted, but it’s been the norm now for a number of seasons.  Crisp white sneakers have become the 21st century’s Oxford brogues – a does-it-all footwear option that can be dressed up or down accordingly.

The relaxing of dress codes over the past few years blessed the plain white sneaker with an almost-peerless versatility. The type of shoe that would once have seen you denied entry to even the most questionable of nightclubs is now a common sight accompanying high-end tailoring on the red carpet and beyond.  

A now timeless shoe that is an essential for any modern day gent in this fast moving World.  Here’s a few of my current favourites and ways I like to style them up:


The Leather Sneaker

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The Iconic Tennis Trainer

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The Knitted Kick

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