Dec' 1721


What Makes The Modern Gentleman?

Is there any greater compliment than being offered the title of a ‘true gentleman’? Whether that’s through acts of chivalry or the finer details such as good manners, holding open a door or rising from your seat when a lady leaves the table, there is certainly an art to conforming to the typical definitions of what a gentleman should be, while still maintaining the credibility of a modern man.

Inspired by Ermengildo Zegna’s Elements Of Man: The Life Collection, I thought I would offer some of my thoughts and opinions on how to combine these age old traditions of what makes a true gentleman, and look at how we can apply these in the modern World.

Here are some small elements, pillars if you will, that make you a gentleman of today:


Learning to love yourself for who you are is an integral component of being the ultimate modern day gent.  It’s true what they say about learning to love yourself first, before you can enable others to feel your love.

Small daily rituals of self care are important, whether taking a few extra moments on your grooming routine each morning or stealing an hour to yourself for a workout – don’t underestimate the power of taking time to appreciate yourself.


The modern gentleman is a man with genuine self-confidence and true masculinity.  He’s a man who knows his own mind and he’s not afraid to stand up for what be believes in to be right.

As with all things, there are right and wrong ways about going about certain topics, and a true gentleman isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and yet he is mindful of offending others, and knows where the line is. Mental strength is as important in a true gentleman as physical strength and is what makes us truly admirable.


The modern gentleman is far more than a pretty face. Being passionate about a variety of topics gives depth to a personality, and makes him intriguing. 

By taking an interest in a variety of topics you enable yourself to confidently partake in conversations or steer a discussion toward topics that you’re knowledgable about. Fear not, there’s no need to have wisdom in all areas; a gracious gentleman is just as good at listening, and knows that his counterpart will relish in filling him in on the facts and information that he asks for.  

I’ve found travel has helped me learn more about the World we live in and gain wisdom in subjects I previously knew little about.  Remember, the key to learning is listening.


Being true to oneself.  If the modern day gent takes part in any passing trends in society, he does so because he is interested and not because he is trying to impress others.

He focuses on being the best version of himself possible whilst acknowledging what is popular to his peers. A gentleman is confident with his style and has some signature details that others learn to recognise in him; one of course being his chosen scent.


Self-assuredness and inner-belief are crucial to being successful in life.  We hear the term ‘talent’ banded about in the media, yet very rarely is it defined.  Talent can be found in the most unlikely of places and can be anything from making someone feel special, to having a particular skill whether within sport, academics or something more unusual.

The talent of a true gentleman lies within his ability to make others feel great in his presence and taking a step back from a conversation and analysing how you make others feel before adjusting your approach can have a big impact.

This is, in my opinion, the greatest talent for a modern man.

My favourite scent from the collection has to be ‘Talent’, a woody fragrance featuring bergamot, sichuan pepper and yuzu.  I particularly like the base notes of patchouli and cedar, leaving a spicy finish, perfect for the festive season and in particular those more dressed up affairs.

I’ll be wearing Talent throughout festive season, primarily paired with a merino wool roll neck and dinner jacket – my now ‘go to’ party look.

You can check the entire Elements Of Man: The Life Collection out here.

Do you agree? What would you view as the key pillars to being the ultimate modern day man?